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The choice of a lawyer is based on a relationship of mutual trust between the client and the professional. Our team is dynamic, made up of young professionals who, for over twelve years, have been helping citizens and Italian and foreign entrepreneurs to secure, build or strengthen their legal position and their business. interests.

All the customer’s problems are analyzed through his/her active supervision, with a consequent and accurate evaluation of pros and cons of every accomplishable action in their case. In that way, it is possible to arrange with the client the right strategy, judicial or extrajudicial, that will be the most incisive and suitable with regards to all the involved interests.

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Our team is made of highly qualified lawyers that for several years have been combining their expertise in order to satisfy specific demands and requests of each customer.

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Our lawyers and partners, are always committed to professional updating, paying particular attention to the latest jurisprudential and doctrinal guidelines.

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Our Legal Firm, SJG Avvocati a Bologna, provides non-binding estimates on costs and tariffs for the defensive activity carried out. We supply free custom-made estimates, without any acceptance obligation, where the maximum costs of the legal activities to be performed are indicated. The quote is supplied on request via e-mail or by telephone, following a first meeting that will help us correctly frame the legal problem.Learn about the costs and rates here.

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Atty. Stefano J . Genna

“Every case is as unique as our clients. Creativity and attention to detail are our strengths.”

“I have been carrying out my profession with passion and ambition since 2006 in Bologna, a city where I was able to specialize in civil, trial and international law. I have worked with renowned law firms in Italy, the United States of America and the Russian Federation.”

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The Law Firm offers specialized legal assistance in the various areas of civil law, compensation for damages, badly-managed health service, diagnostic slip-ups, and erroneously performed surgery.
Buying a house in Italy, sale contracts, evictions, drafting and evaluation of lease or purchase /sale agreements, block of flats management, inlet cases, actions to protect possession and property.
We tackle inheritance law issues with passion and growing dedication, protecting the reasons of forced heir and called and / or unfairly excluded from the inheritance legatees.
We assist our clients in creating an effective and protective system and in protecting intellectual property rights and licensing.
Do you have to face a separation or a divorce? Whether it is consensual or judicial, or in the form of the so-called "Short divorce", we will be able to assist you with care and experience.
Avvocato Bologna has acquired a long-serving experience in debt collection procedures, both in the extrajudicial and in judicial phase, regardless of the nature of the credit, both personal-financial and commercial.

Welcome to Expert Legal Guidance: Navigating Italian Law with Ease

Your Trusted Lawyer in Bologna

Navigating the intricate landscape of Italian law can be a daunting task. Having a trustworthy lawyer in Bologna is essential, regardless of the complexity of your legal situation or if you’re looking for simple counsel. In the heart of Italy, our staff is committed to providing excellent legal support that is customized to match your unique requirements.

Streamlined Online Legal Assistance

In today’s fast-paced world, accessibility is critical. This is why we offer lawyers in Bologna online services. No matter where you are, our digital platform guarantees that you will get prompt legal assistance. You may get in touch with knowledgeable lawyers who are prepared to assist you with your legal issues with only a few clicks.

Comprehensive Lawyer Service in Italy

Our services span across various facets of Italian law. From commercial disputes to personal legal matters, we ensure that you receive comprehensive support. Our lawyer service in Italy is designed to cater to both local and international clients, ensuring everyone has access to quality legal aid.

Specialized in Credit Recovery and Civil Law

Navigating financial disputes, especially credit recovery, requires a meticulous approach. As a leading credit recovery lawyer in Bologna, we specialize in helping clients reclaim what is rightfully theirs. Moreover, our civil lawyer advice in Italy is sought-after for its precision and effectiveness, guiding clients through civil law matters with ease.

Dedicated to Your Legal Success

Every legal challenge demands a unique strategy. Our team of experts is committed to offering personalized legal services in Italy. We understand the nuances of Italian law and are dedicated to providing solutions that align with your goals.

At SJG Avvocati, a Bologna, we believe in forging a path to legal success for our clients. With our blend of expertise, innovative online services, and commitment to excellence, we stand as your premier choice for legal services in Italy. Contact us today and experience the pinnacle of legal assistance.

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What customers say about us

Find here the answers to the most common questions.

  1. How much does a legal advice cost?

    The professional fees applied by our firm may vary depending on the complexity and specifically on the study. In this last case the cost can be increased all within the parameters established by the current legislation. By way of example, an opinion on a topic that is not particularly complex, the cost amounts to € 150.00 plus legal accessories.

  2. What documents do a lawyer need?

    In order to protect yourself and give you the first useful tips, the lawyer, on the occasion of the first meeting, will need all the documentation in your possession related to your problem; upon completion of this first preliminary investigation phase, the lawyer may eventually make a request for access to documents on your behalf from institutions, public / private offices and Jurisdictional Authorities.

  3. Can I change the lawyer during the lawsuit?

    Yes, it is always possible. The customer is not bound to remain with the same defender for the entire duration of the trial. The law provides that both the client and the lawyer can suspend the existing relationship at any time. When the client interrupts the relationship, in technical terms, we talk about "revocation of the mandate"; when, on the other hand, the lawyer interrupts the above-mentioned relationship, instead we talk about "giving up the mandate".

  4. Even if I'm not in Bologna, can you follow my case?

    For an initial analysis of the issue, the client’s physical presence in the Studio is not mandatory. Later, a meeting will be necessary in order to sign the defensive mandate suitable to represent you both in the extrajudicial phase (in institutions, public / private offices) and judicial.

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